Sparkle, glamor, and boudoir-inspired cuts—this is The Attico dress. Here’s what we love about The Attico clothing.

Remember Dua Lipa’s iconic sequin minidress from the 2020 Studio 2054 livestream concert? That was a The Attico dress. 

From queen of pop Dua Lipa to queen of fashion Chiara Ferragni, every It-Girl out there seems to be head over heels over The Attico’s seductive, feather and sequin-embellished dresses.

Haven’t heard of The Attico yet? That’s what we’re here for. Read on to find out what The Attico is, our favorite The Attico dresses, and what we love about The Attico clothing.

the attico dress

What is The Attico?

The Attico is an Italian fashion label, founded in 2016 by designers and Instagram influencers Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio.

Both based in Milan, the two met through mutual friends and immediately hit it off. Despite their contrasting personalities and fashion senses (Tordini loves everything classic and timeless, while Ambrosio favors opulence and eclecticism), the two decided to join forces and create their own fashion brand. 

The Attico’s unique aesthetic stems from this very juxtaposition. The brand’s collections play with contrasts—contrasting colors, textures, cuts.

Over the years, The Attico has developed a cult following on social media, partly thanks to the founders’ popularity. The Attico clothing is known and coveted worldwide for its sensual, over-the-top aesthetic. Initially a line of boudoir-chic eveningwear, The Attico has expanded to include everything from footwear to swimwear. 

shop heron preston on italistFun fact: “Attico” means “penthouse” in Italian, hence the label’s motto—“Join us upstairs”.

the attico dress

The Attico Dress

Whoever you are, wherever you are… you need at least one The Attico dress in your closet. The Attico dresses are bold statement pieces that will make you feel like you can conquer the world—expect sensual, boudoir-inspired cuts, glamorous details, rich fabrics, and a retro allure.

“We wanted to bring robes out to the street,” Ambrosio told Vogue.

Here are some of our favorite The Attico dresses this season.

The Fujiko mini dress

Looking for the perfect cocktail dress? The The Attico Fujiko mini dress (above) checks all the boxes. Sleek and glamorous, this mini dress is embroidered with sparkling cherry red sequins, and features silver chain straps and a generous side slit. You will immediately feel sexy and confident. Slim fit.

the attico dress

Lala mini dress

Look effortlessly glamorous with the Lala mini dress. Made in Italy from pure cotton, this lightweight mini shirt dress features a sensual V neck, oversized sleeves, and an embroidered The Attico logo. Dress it up with the The Attico cowboy hat and your favorite jewels. Fits true to size.

Allium mini dress

Ready to take on the dance floor? This is the dress for you. Bold, sensual, and with a vintage appeal, this silk mini dress is covered in shimmering yellow sequins. It features a split hem and a round neck. Slim fit.

the attico dress

the attico clothing

What we love about The Attico clothing

Now you know a bit more about The Attico. Still not sold on this sparkling, glamorous brand? Here’s what we love about The Attico clothing.

  • Modern vintage. Sequins, feathers, silk, and plunging necklines… There’s a touch of nostalgia in The Attico, a longing for the opulent glamor of the 1920s and 1940s. Tordini and Ambrosio call it “modern vintage”, and are head over heels for this aesthetic.
  • Designed for strong women. The Attico clothing is designed for strong women who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and express themselves through fashion. The Attico’s sophisticated and sensual pieces empower women to feel good in their bodies and take on the world… with style.
  • Made in Italy. All The Attico clothing and accessories are made in Italy using only the finest, most opulent materials—silk, velvet, calf leather, ostrich and marabou feathers…

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