Designer eyewear is a new category on italist, and we’ve got the best frames from the hottest brands

It’s easy to forget that stylish designer eyewear is a crucial part of any outfit. Along with layers of clothing, statement footwear, and an “It” handbag, sunglasses can make or break the total look—as seen on Dua Lipa recently in London, with high-waisted baggy denim, combat boots, a cropped pink sweater (GCDS), and black Saint Laurent shades. Like other categories, eyewear trends come and go depending on the prevailing mood in fashion.

Dua Lipa in 90s-inspired Saint Laurent black designer eyewear
Dua Lipa spotted recently in 90s-inspired Saint Laurent black shades and a GCDS pink sweater.

Over the last few seasons, we’ve seen a return to slimmer eyewear that’s evocative of the 1990s, from brands like Balenciaga and Saint Laurent—a departure from the oversized frames that were popular in the preceding years (popularized by the likes of Rachel Zoe and Kim Kardashian-West).

Another style of the moment is of the semi-sporty variety, which often have lenses that are rimless on the bottom (or nearly rimless) and broader overall eye coverage. Oakley is a classic brand in the sporty eyewear tradition, while still being high-quality.

high end sunglasses italist bottega veneta balenciaga oakley

Of course, timeless shapes like the cat-eye (Gucci) and motifs like tortoise (Bottega Veneta) are perennially popular and stylish options, in addition to black and silver or gold metal. Designer eyewear brands like Persol and Ray-Ban don’t change drastically season-to-season and are considered classics as well, with iconic shapes like the Aviator.

designer eyewear italist bottega veneta gucci person ray-ban

In addition to designer eyewear names you know, we also carry niche labels like Mykita, Kuboraum, Matsuda, and Jacques Marie Mage, which are all made in Germany and Japan and are considered some of the most meticulously-crafted eyewear in the world.

niche artisanal eyewear italist kuboraum matsuda mykita jacques marie mage

Recently, GQ published a video detailing the finer points of high-end designer eyewear, focusing on Cartier, which is highly sought for its iconic gold and silver designs. Most Cartier frames are made of a combination of buffalo horn, wood, semi-precious metal, or plastic and can be “iced-out” by trained jewelers; diamonds are the preferred option by artists like Migo’s Offset, Quavo & Takeoff, Young Thug, and Big Sean. Check out the video for more details!

designer eyewear italist cartier

Don’t think of designer eyewear as a one and done purchase for the year, think of it as an additional facet to your overall look—the final touch to create a fully-conceived ensemble, whatever the occasion.

Whichever style is your favorite, we probably have it. Discover designer eyewear for Women and Men.

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