Versace or Versace Jeans Couture – Is there a Difference?

Versace Jeans Couture is Versace’s second line, but what makes it different?

Italian fashion house Versace is synonymous with Italian luxury and star-studded glamour, and has been since its founding in the 1970s. Over the years, the main label has spawned off-shoot lines, also called diffusion brands, including Versace Jeans Couture, Versus Versace, and Versace Collection.

So what ties all these lines together? And how did Versace come to be? Let’s take a look at the history behind the brand, and its iconic logo: the Medusa head.

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How Versace Was Born – History, Logo, Milan

Gianni Versace grew up in Reggio Calabria, in Southern Italy, where he helped his mother in her sewing business. He quickly developed a love for fashion, and designed his first dress at the age of nine.

In 1972, Gianni designed his first collections for then-popular brands Callaghan, Genny, and Complice, and soon decided to launch his own fashion brand under the name Gianni Versace Donna.

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He opened the first Versace boutique in Milan, in Via della Spiga, in 1978. It was an instant success. Gianni controlled every aspect of his brand, from designing to marketing to retailing, and quickly revolutionized the fashion industry with his flashy prints and bright colors. 

shop heron preston on italistIt was only in 1993 that the Medusa head became the Versace logo. Gianni stated that he was inspired by the Medusa head he had seen as a child, on the floor of ancient ruins in Reggio Calabria, where he used to play with his siblings. 

Medusa is a Greek mythological figure, beautiful and frightening, who makes people fall hopelessly in love with her. Gianni hoped his clothes would have the same effect on his customers, seducing and mesmerizing them. Since then, the Versace logo has changed very little—the Medusa head is unique, and easily recognizable.

gianni versace vintage studio

After Gianni’s death in 1997, his siblings Donatella and Santo took on the roles of Artistic Director and CEO. Donatella was Gianni’s muse and advisor, and today, with her signature platinum blond hair, she is the recognizable face of the Versace fashion empire.

She has kept the brand identity consistent with Gianni’s vision—innovative, strong, and glamorous.

Versace Diffusion Lines

While the Versace main line produces luxury upmarket clothing and accessories, its diffusion lines over the decades have made the brand available to a wider audience, as they retail at a lower price point.

This is the logic behind many other major luxury fashion labels and their respective diffusion lines, including Marc by Marc Jacobs, Isabel Marant Étoile, and See by Chloé.

Versus was the first diffusion line created under the Versace umbrella —it was created in 1989, as a gift from Gianni to Donatella. Versus was known for its distinctive rock-chic, modern and unconventional looks, and was endorsed by many celebrities. In 2017, former One Direction member Zayn Malik launched his own capsule collection, ZAYNxVersus.

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However, after Michael Kors purchased Versace in 2018, the first business decision was to integrate Versus with Versace Jeans, forming Versace Jeans Couture (VJC), which today is the only Versace diffusion line.


According to chief executive officer Jonathan Akeroyd, “this merger will allow [Versace] to further develop the Versace Jeans collections and at the same time not to lose the DNA and codes that made Versus so iconic.”


Despite the popularity of the company’s diffusion lines, the hottest, must-have items are still part of the Versace signature line: Versace robes have lately become one of the most sought-after men’s products. Kanye West, Drake and Kevin Hart have all posed on social media wearing baroque Versace robes.

The robes have therefore become a spa staple, symbolizing luxury and relaxion, but also fame. And of course, they come with coordinated slippers. Luxury loungewear seems to be the new go-to!

Versace sunglasses are another luxury hot item. Available in a range of different colors and materials, they complete and elevate any outfit. Versace sunglasses are bold and elegant, and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Versace Size Chart

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versace jeans couture at italist

versace jeans couture at italist

Why is Versace Jeans Couture So Popular?

Versace Jeans Couture has become extremely popular as it offers trendy, informal and accessible clothing, while incorporating stylistic elements of the main Versace couture collections.

The diffusion line is dedicated to informality and youthfulness, and therefore focuses on new trends, such as oversized sweatshirts, sneakers, bold prints and patterns, all with signature accents and bright colours. Versace Jeans Couture is the perfect mix of high fashion and streetwear.

Denim is a key element. The designer jeans are available in a variety of cuts and colors. The Spring/Summer 2021 collection includes Cropped Jeans, Boyfriend Jeans, Thigh Fit Jeans, and the eccentric Stretch Jeans With All-Over Baroque Print.

versace vs. versace jeans couture at italist

Bright, playful colours characterise all pieces. The Hooded Printed Zip Bomber is an item you will definitely want in your wardrobe this season if you like standing out from the crowd- with its baroque pattern, it will take any urban look to the next level.

Versace Jeans Couture follows the latest trends when it comes to footwear as well. The Red Suede Sneakers, with a chunky sole and suede details, are bold and eye catching, and feature a high-quality rubber sole, for extra comfort.

And if you’re looking a statement shoe to bring with you on your summer adventures, you might want to check out the Logo Strappy Sandals, and the Penny Slides.

Where is Versace made?

Versace produces most of its goods in Italy.  

As Donatella stated in an interview to La Stampa:


“Fashion could be a magnet for young people looking for a future in Italy. Versace will create many new jobs, we produce everything here […] The Made in Italy label is a very important value that gives enormous growth prospects.” 


But there are a few exceptions. Versace watches are manufactured in Switzerland, the leading watch manufacturing country in the world, and a small percentage of Versace products (denim and some T-shirts) are manufactured in Eastern Europe.  

So check your pieces—if they’re made elsewhere (e.g. made in China), you’re dealing with a fake!

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