Masterful Prints—Very Versace Shirts

The Versace shirt may be a classic, but even this most familiar of garments still radiates luxury

For over 40 years, Italian label Versace has been considered fashion royalty. Its late founder, Gianni Versace, wanted to create clothing that people would fall in love with, just as the snake-haired Medusa from Greek mythology infatuated men with her serpentine beauty (which is why Versace chose Medusa’s head as the house logo).

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Women’s Versace T-shirts

However, unlike Medusa turning her admirers into cold, immobile stone, Versace celebrates movement and sensuality. To wear a Medusa, Barocco, or Greek Key print Versace shirt is to be enveloped in an explosion of vibrant color, luxurious patterns, and exquisite materials.

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With classic Italian wit and originality, Versace creates clever and chic t-shirts that will dress up any look. Season-less motifs include the Gianni Versace’s signature, the classic Versace Medusa-head logo, and the notorious safety-pins (a la Liz Hurley). Whichever you choose, your look will be unmistakably Versace.

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Men’s Versace T-shirts

For men, the designs are similar, though the Greek Key theme (above, lower left) is prominent as well.

Versace Size Chart

Versace Chart

Versace Size Chart

The Ultimate Versace Shirt

Once you’ve embraced Versace’s printed t-shirts, a printed blouse or dress Versace shirt is the ultimate expression of Gianni’s vision.

Constructed of 100% silk or cotton, Versace’s flowing tops for women and men are perfect for dressier, more formal occasions. Or, use them as a final polish on an otherwise simple ensemble of jeans or leggings.

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Gianni Versace’s Legacy

From its earliest days in the 1980s and 1990s, Versace styles have made people feel beautiful and sexy. While anyone who steps out in Versace radiates the self-assurance usually reserved for pop stars and supermodels, Versace gets regular boosts thanks to high-profile wearers like Jennifer Lopez, in her plunging (and headline-grabbing) gown of bamboo-printed silk chiffon, and actress Liz Hurley when she joined Hugh Grant at the 1994 premier of “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” ensconced in a slinky black silk held together with bejeweled safety pins.

Versace’s looks expand beyond women’s fashion; the brand has made captivating and exuberant clothing for men, too, since its origins in 1978. The house’s menswear looks range from patterned jackets to fitted suits, all impeccably tailored and broadcasting the flair and ease for which Versace is known.

Vesrace men’s T-shirts
Ladies, take a look in the menswear section for more tees to complete your look.
Versace men’s T-shirt medusa logo
Versace Medusa logo designs from basic to psychedelic

Don’t Forget To Have Fun

From classic to flashy and every look in between, build your ensemble with a head-turning Versace shirt from italist’s extensive collection for women and men. We also carry the Versace Jeans Couture lineup, offering a high-fashion approach to denim and streetwear.

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By: Daniel Milford-Cottam

With a personal collection of over 2000 pieces of designer couture, Daniel MIlford-Cottam has studied the history of fashion from a young age. While Assistant Curator in the Furniture, Textiles, and Fashion department at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, he worked on the Wedding Dress exhibition and the accompanying publication. Daniel is the author of Fashion in the 1950s and Fashion in the 1970s (Bloomsbury Shire), and is penning the next book in the series, Fashion in the 1960s