How does Stone Island Fit?

Sport-luxury pioneer and fabric innovator, Stone Island is synonymous with research and innovation. Learn about Stone Island’s high-tech fabrics, how to care for Stone Island garments and badges, how does Stone Island fit, and why is Stone Island so expensive?

Since its establishment in 1982, Italian fashion house Stone Island has revolutionized menswear with its innovative fabrics, experimental dyeing techniques, and unique personality.

Popular among celebrities  like Drake and The Weekend, Stone Island (or “Stoney”, as it’s affectionately called by fans, is a symbol of quality, style, and innovation—and of the broader blending of high-end luxury apparel with sporting and technical influences.

why is stone island so expensive

What you might not expect is that Stone Island was born as a secondary line of designer Massimo Osti’s main label, C.P. Company. Osti was researching and experimenting, and, inspired by military truck tarpaulins, created a new fabric: Tela Stella. Since this technical, heavyweight material did not fit with C.P. Company’s collection, he created a line of seven military-inspired jackets. And so Stone Island began… 

Did you know? Stone Island gets its name from the two most recurring words in Joseph Conrad’s novels: stone, and…island, you guessed it.

In 2020, Stone Island was acquired by outerwear giant Moncler.

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Stone Island’s innovative fabrics

Research is Stone Island’s motto. Carrying on what Massimo Osti had started with Tela Stella, CEO Carlo Rivetti has assembled a team of designers to experiment with new fabrics, fibres, and garment dyeing techniques. This continuous research results in the creation of countless new dye recipes and unusual, high-tech fabrics.

Here are some of the most interesting materials used by Stone Island over the years: 

  • Raso gommato. Raso Gommato is one of Stone Island’s legendary materials, introduced in 1983. It’s a military cotton with a polyurethane coating, which makes it both waterproof and windproof.
  • Thermosensitive fabric. Used for the ICE range, Stone Island’s thermo-sensitive fabric changes color based on its temperature. 
  • Reflective fabric. This fabric is made of glass microspheres that reflect light. It was conceived in 1991, and used for the Liquid Glass collection.
  • Nylon Metal. Introduced in 2005, Nylon Metal is one of Stone Island’s most versatile fabrics. Created from weaving nylon fibers as grey weft and white, this fabric undergoes a complex double-dyeing process, which gives it its distinctive metallic sheen.

stone island tela nylon garment dyedstone island innovative fabrics

Stone Island compass badge

Stone Island’s signature is the iconic black, green, and yellow compass logo, which features on the left arm of jackets, hoodies, and sweaters, and on the right back pocket of Stone Island pants. Inspired by military uniforms, the badge is fully removable, and the wind rose symbolizes a love for the sea and never ending materials research.

Over the years, the appearance of the badge has evolved: the green border became black in 2000, and fully black patches are available on pieces from Stone Island Shadow Project. A white compass is seen on pieces that use materials exclusively developed by Stone Island. 

stone island shadow project

Can you wash and iron Stone Island badges?

The short answer is: no! Or, only if you must.

If you’re washing Stone Island clothing, make sure you remove the badge beforehand: if washed, it could discolor, be bent out of shape, and the material could soften, making the badge hang loose from the buttons. However, if you’ve washed it by mistake, you can iron your Stone Island badge on low temperature (max 110°C).

Wondering how to wash Stone Island hoodies, jackets, and sweaters?

To wash Stone Island clothing, make sure you check the garment care label first, and follow the instructions. Wash at a low temperature (max 30 or 40°C) on a gentle machine cycle, using a neutral detergent. Do not tumble dry: let your garments dry flat in the shade. Iron on low temperature (max 110°C).

stone island badges

Before you throw your Stone Island hoodie in the washing machine, remember to turn it inside out, and detach the badge!

How does Stone Island fit?

Stone Island clothing generally fits true to size.

Here’s everything you need to know about how does Stone Island fit:

  • Stone Island jackets, hoodies, sweaters, and other tops are available in sizes S to 3XL.
  • Most tops fit true to size. When choosing your jacket size, we recommend considering what you will wear underneath. If you’re likely to wear several layers of clothing underneath your jacket, you might consider going one size up.
  • Most Stone Island pants come in sizes 28 to 40. 
  • Bottom sizes are based on waist circumference and pelvic circumference (see chart below). To measure waist circumference, measure 11cm below the navel.
  • Most Stone Island pants have a classic cut, which means they fit true to size.

 Stone Island Size Chart

Stone Island Size Chart


why is stone island so expensive

Why is Stone Island so expensive

Yes, Stone Island is expensive. But we believe the pricing is justified, and totally worth it. Here’s why: 

  • Research and innovation. From the very beginning, Stone Island has been an innovator of technical fabrics and garment dyeing techniques. The Italian label employs a team of skilled designers to carry out this continuous research.
  • Top quality and durability. Stone Island only uses the best materials in its garments, to guarantee high-performance. Stone Island jackets will protect you from the cold, the wind, and the rain, and last a long time in your wardrobe.
  • Originality. If you want to stand out from the crowd, Stone Island is the brand for you. How many of your friends own a jacket that changes color based on its temperature?
  • Made in Italy. Stone Island is designed and (mostly) manufactured in Italy. Dyeing (a key process for Stone Island garments) is 100% done in Italy.

Stone Island is pricey, but for good reason. Luckily, if you shop italist, you can save up to 40% on our large selection of Stone Island jackets, hoodies, sweaters, and pants.

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