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Why Neapolitan Tailoring is the Best

While traditional suits may be less and less common, the expertise of Neapolitan tailors spans categories.

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Style Icon: Q&A with Cameron LeSiege

“One of my favorite things about Gucci is how any single piece can work together in an outfit, whether it looks old or futuristic.”

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A Name to Know: John Lobb

With both a traditional and modern offer, John Lobb is a 170-year old footwear secret.

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Style Icon: Q&A with Ermanno Lazzarin of ERAL 55

Going to a tailor’s shop does not mean buying a suit, but acquiring an object destined to last. It doesn’t mean spending more but spending better.

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Pitti Uomo 97, Florence

Pitti Uomo offers amazing style-watching as attendees descend on Florence to wear their most stylish ensembles.

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A Name to Know: Greg Lauren

He’s one of the most creative talents in American fashion today.