Why is Bottega Veneta so expensive and how can you spot fake Bottega Veneta bags and shoes? Learn how to authenticate a Bottega Veneta bag or pair of shoes

Founded in 1966 in Vicenza, Italy, and revived by British creative director Daniel Lee in 2018, Bottega Veneta is the label on everyone’s lips right now. Although we’re not sure they’re pronouncing it correctly—the correct pronunciation is BOH-TAY-GAH VEN-NET-TAH. Not as simple as Gucci, we know.

Known for its signature intrecciato (IN-TRE-CHI-AH-TO) woven leather and timeless designs, since 2018 Bottega Veneta has come out with a range of exclusive bags and sophisticated square-toed sandals that people have lost their minds over, including us.

mesh stretch sandals and the padded cassette bag

Bottega Veneta is the must-have brand of the moment…but it *is* pricey. 

Is it worth it? Definitely. But why is Bottega Veneta so expensive and what about how to authenticate Bottega Veneta bags? Let’s see.

Impossible to Resist: Bottega Veneta It Bags and It Shoes

Bottega Veneta bags and shoes have been in high demand lately. If you’ve managed to get your hands on one, consider yourself lucky!

woven sandals and the point bag

Not sure what all the hype is about? We love Daniel Lee’s Bottega Veneta because of its classic designs with a fresh, contemporary twist. “It Bags” like the Pouch and the Cassette bag will last years in your wardrobe and will go with any outfit—Bottega Veneta famously features no flashy logos and prints.

The brand’s signature is the intrecciato weave, a technique developed by Bottega Veneta in the 1960s, synonymous with sophisticated luxury and refined craftsmanship. This apparently simple design is created by carefully interweaving vertical and horizontal strips of double-faced leather, making the product more resistant and aesthetically pleasing.

why is bottega veneta so expensive

Classy, versatile, and durable…what else could you want from a bag? This might be why Bottega Veneta is so expensive.

The same can be said for the iconic Bottega Veneta square-toed sandals. Exquisitely crafted in supple nappa leather and featuring padded rubber soles, they offer extra comfort and stability. Our favorites are the woven Lido Sandals—both heeled and flat, they are a hot item that you will never tire of, we promise.

What if your Bottega Veneta bag or shoes get damaged? Will Bottega Veneta repair them? 

While the brand does not offer an official repair service, you can find several leather repair and restoration services that specialize in Bottega Veneta bags and shoes. We recommend Modern Leather Goods in NYC. Research what is available locally, or consider a mail-in service. 

bottega veneta shoes and the pouch clutch bag

How to spot fake Bottega Veneta bags and shoes

How can you tell if a Bottega Veneta bag is real? Here’s how to authenticate a Bottega Veneta bag and shoes.

First off, check the inner authentication label: there should be no fraying, uneven lettering or spacing. The label should read “originality certified” and feature a unique serial number, or, for older bags, a string of numbers and letters: color code, leather style, year made, and model number. On the other side of the label, look for the Bottega Veneta logo and the writing “Made in Italy”.

how to authenticate bottega veneta bag

how to authenticate bottega veneta bag

Bottega Veneta only uses the finest leathers, and the quality and precision of the brand’s craftsmanship is hard to replicate. When authenticating a Bottega Veneta bag, make sure the stitching is seamless and that the leather feels supple. Closely examine every little detail: the inner pockets, the inside lining, and the zippers. Bottega Veneta only uses Riri zippers, which you can recognize by the branding on the base of the zipper.

And what about shoes? Much like the handbags, Bottega Veneta shoes stand out for their impeccable quality. To spot fake Bottega Veneta shoes, pay close attention to the stitching and other details such as the rubber outsole.

Look for the brand marking: newer models feature blind stamping on the insole. Make sure that the lettering is even and consistent with the brand font. And don’t be shy—try the shoes on. If they’re authentic, you should feel the quality.

If you’re still in doubt, you can reach out to an authentication service, such as Real Authentication’s Anastacia Bouzeneris and Jenna Padilla for help on how to authenticate a Bottega Veneta bag.

At italist, we guarantee that you’re buying brand new, in-season, completely authentic luxury goods at the Italian retail price, which is typically lower than retail prices around the world.

italist shipping

So why is Bottega Veneta so expensive?

  • Each Bottega Veneta bag and pair of shoes is handcrafted in Italy by highly capable artisans, who endured years of training.
  • The brand’s intrecciato weave requires time, skill, and physical strength – this complex technique can only be done standing. The intrecciato for the Cabat bag requires two days of work.
  • Bottega Veneta only uses the highest quality materials, which are carefully sourced and put through several tests. Bottega Veneta bags and shoes will stand the test of time!

Bottega Veneta is pricey, but if you shop italist.com you can save up to 40% on our large selection of Bottega Veneta bags and shoes for women and men.


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