Why is Canada Goose so expensive

Why is Canada Goose so expensive and is Canada Goose worth it?

Canada Goose was founded in 1957 in Toronto and is renowned today for its high-performance luxury outerwear. The collections of fur-lined and down jackets, parkas, vests, and knit apparel use the finest natural materials, for a luxurious and comfortable experience even in the most extreme conditions. Most of the core collection of outerwear pieces are still proudly made in Canada, while knitwear and others are made in Italy and Portugal.

Why is Canada Goose so expensive?

Canada Goose outerwear garments require up to 13 production steps and at least as many human hands. Since the brand’s founding nearly 70 years ago, the Canada Goose seal has stood for commitment to superior craftsmanship. 

why is Canada goose so expensive

From details like the zipper to the buttons and stitches, each component is thoughtfully sourced and meticulously integrated into the final product. And before any piece finishes the production line, Canada Goose’s quality control team inspects every garment for any potential defects or errors.

shop heron preston on italistAdditionally, Canada Goose garments are made with the highest quality materials for the purposes of weather-proofing and wearer comfort, including Argentine merino wool and eleven proprietary fabrics developed over the brand’s history with performance and protection in mind.

is canada goose worth it

Is Canada Goose worth it?

If you’re looking for a superior and timeless outerwear garment, we say yes. Consider this excerpt taken directly from Canada Goose on its iconic Snow Mantra parka jacket:

As one of the oldest pieces in the Canada Goose archives, the Snow Mantra was developed to meet the needs of workers in the Canadian Arctic and has served as the uniform of the most rugged jobs, from the Canadian Arctic Rangers to the ground crew of First Air. Weighing in at 7.5 lbs., field tested at temperatures up to -70 degrees Celsius and made up of more than 247 pieces, the Snow Mantra’s iconic functionality has made it an indispensable parka for those living and working in harsh climates. Within every jacket Canada Goose designs, there’s a feature that was informed by the DNA of the Snow Mantra.

Serious all-weather engineering—check!

Over the years, Canada Goose has outfitted countless serious adventurers, including Laurie Skreslet, the first Canadian to summit Mt. Everest in 1982, wearing a custom parka designed and manufactured by Metro Sportswear, the precursor to Canada Goose. In 2011, this iconic “Big Mountain” jacket was re-released as the “Skreslet Parka.”

Read more about Canada Goose’s colorful and fascinating history.

is Canada Goose worth it

Does Canada Goose ever go on sale?

Yes, in fact italist frequently has Canada Goose on sale. Save up to 40%* every day before discounting, and even more during sale events. Right now, Canada Goose is marked down for Fall-Winter ‘22 so you could save even more.

How does Canada Goose fit?

Canada Goose outerwear garments follow the brand’s standard fit, which is true to size, as well as an alternative fit called “Fusion Fit.” This alternative fit is meant for those with a smaller body frame, for whom outerwear can be a challenge to find in the right size.

how does canada goose fit

Fusion fit includes several key differences from Canada Goose’s standard fit: a smaller hood, a narrower chest measurement, shorter sleeve length, and a shorter hem length. Keep these details in mind when shopping for Canada Goose outerwear. Read more about Fusion Fit.

Other garments from the brand like fleeces, hoodies, and sweaters follow standard sizing.

Canada Goose Size Chart

How to clean Canada Goose

First, you should read carefully the product care tag before taking any cleaning steps.

Ideally, any Canada Goose outerwear garment should be laundered by a qualified dry cleaner that’s familiar with down garments. All fur should be separated from the garment before laundering or dry-cleaning, and small spot stains can be treated with a mild detergent and water. 

how to clean canada goose

Believe it or not, simple soap and water does wonders on dirt and oil stains, just keep in mind you may have to repeat the process a few times to achieve a complete clean.

Other garments that don’t include down fill or fur can be machine washed in cold water and hung or laid flat to dry. Do not tumble dry.

Canada Goose provides additional guidance on its website about how to store Canada Goose parkas during warmer months.

Now that you understand more about why Canada Goose is so expensive and details about is Canada Goose worth it, head here to shop Canada Goose for men and Canada Goose for women and save up to 40%!

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