All about Doppiaa clothing, including must-haves like the Doppiaa blazer and Doppiaa coat

Do you love the style of brands like Brunello Cucinelli, Tagliatore, Eleventy, and others rooted in the classic Italian menswear aesthetic?

Meet Doppiaa, an Italian luxury menswear brand known for its suits, jackets, knitwear, and accessories. Designed for men of all ages who are passionate about looking good and living well, Doppiaa embodies Italian sophistication.

We reached Giovanni Zane, Doppiaa’s e-commerce and marketplace manager, to ask a few questions about the label…

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Doppiaa Clothing

The word an the name “Doppiaa” has many meanings—tell us about the name, about the brand, an what makes Doppiaa different?

Doppiaa like Alain and Albert, founders of the brand, Doppiaa like the initials of an imaginary alphabet of style. The love for details, the careful and careful research of raw materials, of great excellence and quality, but also of the savoir faire and Made in heron preston on italist

Tell us a bit more about the origins of Albert and Alain’s partnership. How did Doppiaa clothing come to life?

Doppiaa was born from the passion for fashion and the fraternal friendship that binds Alain and Albert, from their desire to dress more generations with timeless garments.

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We’ve seen a shift, highlighted by WWD in 2020, toward “affordable luxury”. How does Doppiaa fit into that trend, and why do you think italy is so good creating high-quality luxurious basics?

Doppiaa’s motto has always been “last over time”: the first form of sustainability and savings is undoubtedly durability.

The Doppiaa Blazer

What is the quintessential piece or pieces from Doppiaa clothing? What is the brand’s signature aesthetic?

Definitely the suit, which has always been a symbol of elegance that cannot be missing from a man’s wardrobe, but revisited in a modern key, adapted to the profound changes of the times and the market: made more comfortable and suitable for everyday life, not just for formal occasions.

doppiaa suit

Are there any materials or fabrics you like to use, and why?

Any material that gives us emotion, our research is continuous and tireless driven almost by an obsession in search of the perfect fabric and yarn, from Japanese cotton and nylon to the wool of the best Biellese weaving mills.

Are there any special fit details you would like to share, for our shopper to know about Doppiaa clothing or the Doppiaa blazer?

Each of our garments is designed to be comfortable, so no particularly tight fits, but regular and comfortable fits and soft, soft fabrics.

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Made in Italy Quality

How do you advise wearers to care for their garments to increase the lifespan? Are there any practical tips you can provide?

We always say that one of our garments lasts at least twice as long as any other, therefore it will be sufficient for our customer to follow the instructions given on each article and not only will the garments keep, but they will also gain in charm and flavor over time.

How important is “Made in Italy” to you? Is it still a marker of quality?

Simply essential, made in Italy is part of the Doppiaa’s DNA, we look for our laboratories only among the best Italian manufacturing districts, for each category: we produce our jackets in Naples, our knitwear in Umbria and so on. Without the contribution of experience and the skills of Italian craftsmanship, Doppiaa would not be the same.

doppiaa clothing at italist

What’s next for the Doppiaa line? Womenswear?

Why not, our aim has always been to dress the whole family, so this could just be the next step.

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doppiaa clothing on italist

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