Here’s Why You Need An Ami Paris Sweater

You need an Ami Paris sweater in your life…here’s why! Plus where the best Ami Paris sale is.

What is Ami Paris?

Ami (pronounced AH-MEE) is a fashion label founded by Parisian designer Alexandre Mattiussi in 2011. The name Ami means “friend” in French, and plays with the initials of the brand’s founder and creative director.

After studying at the Duperré Fashion Design School in Paris and working for luxury fashion houses Dior, Marc Jacobs, and Givenchy, Matiussi decided to launch his own line of “real clothes for real people”. 

ami paris sweater at italist

Inspired by Paris, Matiussi’s creations blur the line between casual and chic: you’ll find oversized hoodies, tailored blazers and suit pants, and, of course, Ami’s signature sweaters. All pieces are relaxed and wearable, with a dash of French sophistication.

Initially a menswear label, Ami launched its womenswear line in 2019.

“I created Ami with this idea of designing clothes for my friends, who are both male and female, so I’ve really always pictured my pieces on both”, said Matiussi.

shop heron preston on italistIs Ami Paris a good brand? 

Yes, absolutely!

All Ami Paris pieces are crafted with utmost attention to detail, using high quality fabrics, such as organic cotton, and cashmere wool.

ami paris sweater at italist

ami paris sweater at italist

But what truly makes Ami special is its positive and relaxed attitude to fashion. Ami creates accessible wardrobe staples that can easily be worn on any occasion, featuring youthful and playful details.

Matiussi told GQ Magazine: “I try to make clothes for life–good-quality clothes with good proportions. Also I try hard to find the right balance in terms of price. I try to keep everything grounded in the way I do things.”

Why you need an Ami Paris sweater

The Ami De Coeur sweater is the label’s signature style, and an item you absolutely need in your wardrobe!

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Knitted from organic cotton and wool blend, the Ami sweater is accented with the Ami de Cœur monogram, which “originates from the signature [Matiussi] has been using at the end of notes written to his friends since his childhood”, and perfectly embodies the core values of the brand: love, friendship, and kindness.

The Ami Paris sweater is unisex, and it makes for the perfect wardrobe staple for fall, winter, and spring, too. You will find different silhouettes, such as crewnecks, V-necks, and cardigans, in a rainbow of colors, all capturing the brand’s unique blend of Parisian nonchalance and sophistication.

You can easily pair an Ami Paris sweater with any outfit, from baggy jeans to tailored pants to a skirt. You will look instantly put together, and effortlessly stylish!

how does ami paris fit

How does Ami Paris fit?

Ami Paris uses standard sizing–the garments are available in sizes XXXS to 5XL, for men and women.

Many Ami Paris pieces (such as the T-shirts and the hoodies) are designed to have a slightly oversized fit. We personally think the boxy fit is part of the appeal of Ami Paris clothing, but you might prefer tighter fitting clothes. In that case, feel free to size down.

When it comes to the iconic sweaters, since they are unisex, we advise women to go down one size, while men can go for their normal size.

As for the men’s and women’s shirts, they fit true to size.

Ami Paris pants also fit true to size. Some models are designed to have a relaxed fit, but this time we advise against sizing down as they might be too tight at the waistband.

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Where is Ami Paris on sale?

Ami Paris has flagship stores all over the world: from New York, to London, to Beijing, to, of course, Paris.

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