What does the Bottega Veneta serial number look like and which luxury bag brands have serial numbers and which do not?

When you have questions about authenticity, it can be challenging to find reliable information about what should be present on an authentic luxury product vs. a fake or replica.

Luckily, everything on italist is 100% authentic, guaranteed, but we also regularly enlist the help of Real Authentication to research and clarify authenticity details, like what does a Bottega Veneta serial number look like?

shop heron preston on italistHere are a few points to keep in mind when shopping for authentic luxury handbags from some of our top-selling brands:

Dolce & Gabbana bags do not feature a serial number, but some styles do include a quality control tag in the lining. 

dolce gabbana style code tag
Dolce & Gabbana bag style code tag, credit Real Authentication

Stella McCartney current bag designs feature a style code and season code, however older original models will not include this label.

stella mccartney serial number
Stella McCartney style and season code, credit Real Authentication

Bottega Veneta bags vary based on age—the original vintage models will not feature a Bottega Veneta serial label, then a label was added to feature a style reference number after the brand was acquired by the Gucci Group in 2001, but this label appears to currently be phasing out as it is no longer present in small leather goods. More on Bottega Veneta authenticity details.

bottega veneta serial number vintage
Bottega Veneta vintage serial number label, credit Real Authentication
bottega veneta serial number current
Bottega Veneta current/recent serial number tag, credit Real Authentication

Longchamp bags: the format varies depending on age and style and can feature a style reference number and/or a serial number on newer models, however older models will not have these numbers. .

longchamp serial number tag
Longchamp style reference tag, credit Real Authentication

Valentino Garavani bags should have ​​a serial number, usually located in the inside pocket. Read more about how to spot a fake Valentino bag.

older serial tag for valentino bags
An older Valentino serial number tag, credit Real Authentication
newer valentino bag serial tag
Newer Valentino bag serial tag, credit Real Authentication

Givenchy bags should have a factory code and date code format, not a serial number, which, in compliance with LVMH standards, will include six or seven characters (two or three letters and four numbers). More about Givenchy.

Prada bags include an authenticity card, which contains the bag’s style code and color info, not a serial number, and depending on where it was purchased, a stamp with the name of the boutique. Pretty cool! More on Prada bags.

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As always, it’s best to examine multiple points of reference when trying to determine authenticity, like the presence of a serial number or style code, the fonts used in brand logos, and the overall hand feel and weight of things like the leather or canvas and hardware. Related: check out our post about what packaging should come with an italist order, which varies depending on the type of product and brand.

If you’re seriously in doubt, head over to our friends at Real Authentication to inquire about a quick-turnaround luxury authentication.

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