Every italist order comes with packaging, but it varies by brand, item type, and sales channel

From time to time, we receive questions from our customers about what sort of packaging they should expect when they receive their italist order of designer shoes, a luxury handbag, or high-end apparel and accessories. In fact, because our prices are often better than other online stores, some customers are especially skeptical of us (they search “is italist legit” on Google!), and when they receive their order, they’re critical of the products themselves because they don’t come packed with, for example, a designer-branded box for a handbag.

italist order luxury designer handbags packaging dust bags

We’ve conducted a bit of research and obtained information directly from the top designer luxury brands about their packaging standards. This information is by no means a guarantee of authenticity (or not), but simply a set of guidelines to better understand what to expect when you make an italist order. We will update it as we receive additional information from brands or if packaging standards change in the future.


Designer and luxury handbags not purchased directly from the brand’s own boutiques (i.e. at a department store, online multi-brand store, independent boutique, etc.) typically come only with a fabric dust bag to protect the item from scratches. Sometimes they are also packaged in plastic and any metal hardware may come with plastic wrapping to prevent nicks.

Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Bottega Veneta all confirmed as of January 2020 that they do not supply branded boxes to sales channels outside of their own stores.


Designer shoes always come in boxes, and often with dust bags as well, but not always, depending on the brand. They may also come with care cards regarding the materials and cleaning.

italist order designer luxury shoes boxes and dust bags


Leather items like wallets, card cases, belts, eyewear, and other small accessories typically come in boxes, with or without dust bags and other packaging depending on the brand and type of item. For example, a pair of Prada sunglasses will come in a hard case and often have a branded lens cloth as well. A Dolce & Gabbana leather card case should come with a branded box, fabric bag, and authenticity cards.

luxury designer accessories packaging dust bags


Any item of clothing in an italist order should come packaged in a plastic or fabric bag, which is how our partner boutiques receive it initially from the brands. Items may also come with branded hangers, depending on the item and brand. Of course, all brand tags should be intact also.

Every italist Order

Every italist order come packaged in our signature eco-friendly branded boxes and are wrapped in our black and white branded tissue. All products are also tagged with our white italist tracking tag.

italist order packaging examples unboxing video

Packaging like fabric dust bags, boxes, product care or authenticity cards, and plastic wrapping is considered part of the product. In case you decide to return an item, these are required as part of the return. The white italist tracking tag must also be intact.

If you have any doubts, concerns, or your order doesn’t satisfy these guidelines, please contact italist customer care here.

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