Everything you might not know about Lanvin sneakers

Find out more about French luxury powerhouse Lanvin, including how to pronounce Lanvin, who is the Lanvin designer, and how Lanvin shoes and Lanvin sneakers fit.

A leader in the luxury fashion world, French label Lanvin is synonymous with Parisian chic. With a rich heritage, Lanvin is renowned for its sophisticated, timeless aesthetic. Today, we especially love Lanvin sneakers for women. But first… who is the designer behind Lanvin?


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Who is Lanvin?

French fashion house Lanvin (pronounced LAHN-VAHN) founded in 1889 by designer Jeanne Lanvin.

Born in Paris in 1867, the oldest of eleven siblings, at age 16 Jeanne became an apprentice milliner at Madame Félix, training with Suzanne Talbot and Caroline Montagne Roux. In 1889 she established her own fashion house, opening a hat shop on rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris. It was an instant success—the most fashionable Parisians would shop at “Lanvin (Mademoiselle Jeanne) Modes”.

In 1897 Jeanne gave birth to her only daughter, Marguerite, who soon became her muse. Jeanne started designing luxurious, sophisticated pieces for Marguerite, which became coveted by Jeanne’s friends and customers. So, as demand grew, in 1908 Jeanne was the first designer to launch a children’s fashion line. This was followed by a Young Ladies’ and Women’s department—mothers and daughters would come to Lanvin and shop for exquisite matching outfits.

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Soon, the whole world came to know and appreciate Jeanne’s designs. Lanvin expanded to include home, menswear, furs, and fragrances (the label’s signature fragrance, Arpège, was inspired by Marguerite).

When Jeanne passed away in 1946, Marguerite took over the maison, leading it until 1950. Today, Lanvin is helmed by Bruno Sialelli, a young French designer who had previously worked with Jonathan Anderson at Loewe.

Did you know? Lanvin is one of the oldest French fashion house still in operation.

Now that you know how to pronounce Lanvin and who the Lanvin designer is, let’s delve into the world of Lanvin shoes for women.


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Lanvin sneakers for women

We are obsessed with Lanvin shoes. The French label offers a wide array of footwear for women, ranging from ballet flats to sandals to pumps to our beloved Lanvin sneakers.

The Curb sneaker (above) is one of the most iconic models. A homage to 90s skate culture, this low-top sneaker features exaggerated dimensions and a rounded shape. It requires 8 hours of work because of the complex shoe structure and combination of materials. You will find it in a range of colors and materials, from calfskin to python leather, making it the perfect shoe for any occasion.

The Bumpr is a weightless sneaker inspired by 70s running shoes. This shoe perfectly combines comfort and style–it features a cushioning five parts sole and is made using only the finest materials, such as calfskin and shearling. The Bumpr comes in a palette of shades, including a white and pink version with a spray paint effect.


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We also love the Clay sneaker–a reinterpretation of the classic tennis shoe, this sneaker is perfect for a casual-chic look. Pair it with jeans during daytime, and with a feminine dress at night. It’s made in leather and mesh.

If you’re not a sneakers fan, Lanvin has plenty of choice for you, too. The Rita pumps are an iconic model, which will elevate any day or evening outfit. This classic slingback stands out for its signature curved heel, and comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and materials, including a pink lurex version. The Smile sandals are a bit bolder—part of SS22, they feature a 105mm curved heel.

How do Lanvin shoes fit?

Now you know more about Lanvin shoes and sneakers for women. But how do Lanvin shoes fit?

  • Lanvin uses European sizes. The shoes are available in women’s EU 35 to EU 42. If you’re not sure how this translates to US sizing, read our shoe size conversion article.
  • Generally, Lanvin shoes fit true to size.
  • The Bumpr line runs large—if you are in between sizes, we recommend going down one size. 
  • The Glen line also runs large—if you are in between sizes, go down one size. 
  • For all styles, we recommend comparing measurements with a similar shoe you already own.

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