Rediscover the joys of traveling in 2022 with FPM Luggage and all the FPM Milano luggage accessories and colorways

You remember traveling, right? Snagging a last-minute flight deal, clearing your schedule, and jetting off?

The time has come again when we can globe-trot to our hearts desire, and just in time: a luxury travel goods and accessories label you may not know. FPM luggage, also known as FPM Milano luggage.

Founded as Fabbrica Pelleterie Milano, today FPM luggage is a modern, design-driven luxury luggage and travel accessories brand. We reached them to ask the question on everyone’s mind:


“What’s on your travel itinerary this year and next??”


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Q: Tell us a bit about the background of Fabbrica Pelleterie Milano (FPM). How are the products we see today influenced by the founding ethos of the company?

A: FPM is a leather goods and luggage brand founded in Italy in 1946 known for being one of the most advanced interpreters of Italian talent for beauty and excellence in craftsmanship.

From luggage to bags and accessories, the brand’s core business is expressed today with renewed energy preserving the classicism of the shapes and design of the origins, but always keeping the focus on contemporary innovation.

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Q: FPM Milano luggage pieces have a clear commitment to high quality materials and construction methods—all with the goal to be durable, functional, and perhaps most of all, secure. The main collection is named “Bank.” Why is security of the cargo so important?

A: Inside a suitcase, during a business trip or vacation, we always put personal items that we care about. What we care about deserves to be protected, traveling must be a safe experience to be enjoyable.


When you decide to give a suitcase as a gift, you are giving the dream of traveling to new adventures.


Q: Tell us more about FPM’s unique features. What makes the collections special?

A: Exclusively Made in Italy, the Bank suitcases are inspired by vintage trunks, revised in a contemporary key, indeed the collection is constructed from precious materials using avant-garde technologies. A trademark of the collection is the special Butterfly locks that guarantee protection to the elements and makes our products’ aesthetic perfectly recognizable.

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Q: Many Italian companies have an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, including FPM luggage. What should those new to your brand know about it?

A: Our luxury luggage collections are manufactured by the best craftsmen with sophisticated technological tools and unyielding attention to detail. The 128 hand-mounted rivets along with the soft Italian leather handles highlight the artisanal quality of FPM’s products.

Industrial processes and materials, standard for most of the industry, are rejected in favor of this hand-made process that along with the most durable materials give the user complete comfort during their travels.

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Q: Things have changed drastically since COVID-19. What would you like to remind shoppers and travelers about the joys of exploring the planet?

A: In this brand new age of COVID-19, it’s tough to find many silver linings in the clouds hanging over travel and tourism. So many of us have worked so hard for so many years and it all seems to be disappeared into thin air.

At the same time, and despite how difficult it might be to think forward right now, we also stand to learn a great deal about our particular weaknesses and strengths and how we might have a fighting chance to make it through. Regardless of any misadventures, travel will always remain the most important of experiences and we will all return to travel.

For this reason we will work every day to make the travel experience wonderful.

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Q: The opportunity for product customization is something many consumers now expect. How does FPM do personalization?

A: Personalized design gives luxury luggage customers a sense of identity. They cease to be one of the masses, and instead become an individual with unique wants and needs. This is what we want, to make each of our customers feel unique through personalization. From handles to stickers, from address tags to padlocks everything can be customized according the client’s taste.

Q: What’s the aesthetic essence of FPM Milano luggage? What sort of person comes to you over other brands?

A: The FPM target does not place limits on experience, on the culture of beauty and functionality. They are cultured men and women who ambitiously dream of an ambitious world, they choose their garments and their accessories on the basis of aesthetics and functionality, preferring excellent materials.

Our customers are elegant but never boring, they look for products with a strong identity that stands out from the others.

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Q: Why do FPM luggage products make great gifts?

A: There are some types of products that people often think they can live without; then one day a special person gives us something unexpected and we discover how beautiful it is to own such objects. In a world of cheap and easily replaceable consumer goods, we often underestimate the importance of beauty and quality—and luxury luggage.

When you decide to give a suitcase as a gift, you are giving the dream of traveling to new adventures.

Q: What does the future look like for FPM luggage? Are there any new concepts or products in development, to address the needs of modern consumers?

A: We are constantly working to develop new projects inspired by contemporary travelers, people who love adventures and beauty. Current projects include the development of new treatments for aluminum. 

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Q: What’s on your travel itinerary for 2024? What are you looking forward to seeing or doing?

A: This year we would like not to go too far, we would like to load our suitcase on a beautiful vintage car and take a tour of the Tuscan countryside. It is important to explore the nearby places that we often overlook, it is important to enjoy a good wine, good company and not miss any sunset.

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