People from around the world visit Italy for a number of reasons, mainly for its captivating culture and atmosphere you simply couldn’t find elsewhere. And one doesn’t make the perfect holiday complete without the shopping experience in Italian fashion luxury boutiques.

Italian fashion luxury boutiques galleria milan

Italian fashion luxury boutiques are one of a kind. You can find every fashion luxury brand imaginable, or perhaps even the unimaginable in Italy’s smaller cities, which are esteemed as having even more exceptional, top-class fashion shopping districts than Milan’s. In addition, you can also find a large selection of items from Italian, French and other top international fashion brands and designers, as well as their exclusive capsule collections that are available only in certain Italian boutiques. And just when you thought it doesn’t get better than that– their prices are typically the lowest in the world.

However, making a purchase in stores entails  22% VAT.

“Can’t we get our VAT reimbursed as tourists?” Yes, you can. If you don’t mind  standing for a really long time at the airport’s long customs line with all the necessary documents from the shop and purchases just to get all of them stamped. Some have reported that although they followed all the procedures carefully, sometimes the VAT refund just doesn’t turn out. And a much worse scenario is when you get home and realize an item you had purchased doesn’t fit, or you simply changed your mind. 

For a lot of people, the headache is just not worth the precious time, effort and sometimes a few more dollars being risked.



So how does Italist revolutionize and reinvent the online distribution of Italian luxury multi-brand retailers?


It carries high fashion items (clothes, shoes and accessories) from over 200 Italian fashion luxury boutiques integrated in its platform and sells at the best prices possible: 30% less than average online marketplaces and off-line retail prices. You can buy the same items you would find in all shopping cities in Italy like Florence, Rome and Venice- but all without VAT.

Our platform is customized and maintained to its highest standards. With today’s rapid-changing and fast-paced world, we’re constantly keeping into mind the importance of saving time and money. Imagine directly browsing through and shopping Italian boutiques’ inventory listings which comprises of over 800 fashion luxury brands, atop 120,000 products. It’s like shopping in the streets of Italy but we aim on making it simpler and easier for you by building a wide variety of fashion luxury items that are accessible online and virtually organizing an efficient shipping process– all in one site. 

 We only ship with the best courier services, mainly DHL Express Shipping, which (in terms of product returns) is priced much lower through italist than booking a courier shipping themselves.


italian-fashion-luxury-boutiques-italist-does-it-better-3 italian-fashion-luxury-boutiques-italist-does-it-better-pricing-2

And in 4 days, your Fendi T-straps will be at your doorstep. You didn’t even have to take a flight to Italy, nor go through the pains of VAT reimbursements.




Suppose you bought an item from a luxury boutique in Italy. Imagine the extreme disappointment when you realize only by the time you got back that you need to return it for some reasonable circumstance.

With, As long as it conforms to our return policy, our platform enables customers to arrange a courier to return products conveniently. It is fully integrated with a courier service with just a click of a button.

Rest assured, shopping with italist saves you time and money! Our goal is to build the largest selection of luxury fashion while offering you, our customers, the best value possible.



 Here’s what our customers say about us.


Shop for up to 30% off on over 150,000 up-to-the-minute luxury fashions for women, men, and kids from leading brands like Golden Goose, Fendi, Gucci, Miu Miu, and many more—direct from Italy’s finest boutiques to your door.

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