We reached out to KOCHÉ’s founder and creative director, Christelle Kocher, to ask a few questions about Koché clothing collections.

An exquisite blend of Parisian haute couture and streetwear, Paris-based label KOCHÉ is known for its bright, architectural designs, inspired by contemporary art. 

Bold yet refined, the label’s pieces are designed for real people—since its establishment in 2015, KOCHÉ has fought for diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry, choosing to represent all genders, body shapes, and ethnicities in its campaigns and fashion shows.

We reached out to designer Christelle Kocher herself to learn more about her experience as a fashion designer, her creative process, and the brand’s latest collection.

I come from a modest background far removed from fashion. This is probably why I wanted fashion made to be worn in real life and my creative approach is rooted in this reality.

Christelle Kocher

Before launching your own label, you worked with the likes of Bottega Veneta, Chloé, Armani… How important were those experiences to you?

My career in international luxury houses definitely influenced my creative approach. I learned different methodologies there, a certain way of thinking about fashion–sometimes intellectual, sometimes pragmatic, often very artistic.

And even though I love to work in a classic way, by draping for example, I also like to let myself be carried away spontaneously by the people around me or those I meet when I go out.

What motivated you to establish your own brand?

When I created KOCHÉ in 2015, I wanted to translate the know-how and the heritage of Couture into something modern and relevant for the new generation, make it more popular and accessible. 

koche clothing collections at italist

I come from a modest background far removed from fashion. This is probably why I wanted fashion made to be worn in real life and my creative approach is rooted in this reality.

Where I come from, I could meet so many different personalities, opposite cultures, beautiful and less beautiful things. It was very rich paradoxically. These contrasts and these energies have guided me throughout my career and have certainly influenced my creation. 

What’s your creative process like? Where do you start?

My inspiration comes from real life, from streets and the people that animate them. My fashion is for real people! I am also very passionate about contemporary art. All these aspects give me ideas which could one day be translated into one of my Koché clothing collections.

koche dress at italist

Diversity and inclusivity are key values for you. What does that mean in terms of casting for your fashion shows and photoshoots?

Diversity and inclusivity should not be seen only in your marketing and communication. They should be also seen in what you create, how you see the world. 

To begin with this must be reflected in the collections, in the creatives in the studios and then in the fashion shows and the casting of the models. For my brand, it has always been very important not to fantasize the world but to make the most out of the one in which I live and try to transcend it: saying that all bodies are beautiful, that a beautiful garment is accessible to everyone, and that each person is free to wear what they want, and each person is gorgeous.

How would you describe your SS22 collection in one word?


koche clothing

What are your favorite pieces from this collection, and why?

I would say all these silhouettes inspired by the glamour of the 30’s, architectural shoulder dresses and tops.

Tell us about your manufacturing process–how do you choose your materials? Do you take sustainability into account?

At KOCHÉ, we carefully choose all our fabrics, and we actively oversee all steps of the manufacturing process. In addition, thanks to our partnership with the OTB group of Renzo Rosso, season after season we manage to improve our supplies to make them as respectful as possible of the planet, with sustainable textiles, vegan leather, cotton organic, no fur etc… all “made in Italy”.

We also release several up-cycling capsules throughout the year. These are special collections that we call RE/KOCHÉ. The last one was the incredible project with AC Milan, in which we upcycled unused jerseys (below).

koché x puma ac milan

Are there any fit or sizing considerations that shoppers should keep in mind with Koché clothing?

We are very careful with each garment fabrication, so Koché clothing typically fits well and is true to your usual size.

You’ve collaborated with several brands, including Pucci, Nike, and Puma. Is there a brand you would like to work with next?

I cannot say more except that I have a lot of great projects to come.

Where do you see yourself, and KOCHÉ, in five years?

Between reality and parallel worlds, physical fashion shows or metaverse, but still creating, always…

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