Meet Le Sûr, the brand of luxury house slippers from a magical castle and vineyard in Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Sometimes, simplicity is the ultimate luxury. Leonardo Da Vinci said this, and in many ways, the Italian way of life—good food, good wine, and beautiful shoes—reflects this ethos.

We reached Le Sûr, makers of traditional Friuliane luxury house slippers, to discuss luxury and simplicity…

Q: I understand that “le sûr” means “the sisters” in the Friulian language, which is different from Italian and primarily spoken in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy, which borders Slovenia, Austria, and the Adriatic Sea. Tell us a bit about the background of Le Sûr.

A: We are three sisters who grew up wearing Friulane slippers all the time, breathing in the countryside air and love for our land. That is the reason why we decided to create our own brand. The aim is to share the atmosphere that we breathe at home, at Castello di Buttrio.

Like a good glass of wine infuses you with emotions, so does Le Sûr, making you feel like you’re walking around the castle, its rooms and its vineyards.

castello di buttrio in Friuli-Venezia Giulia

castello di buttrio

Q: Le Sûr is the brand of the Castello di Buttrio, in Buttrio near Udine in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Tell us a bit about the history of the castle as well as this area of Italy.

A: The current castle, which was rebuilt in 1600, dominates the rolling expanse of the territory known as the Friuli Colli Orientali, stretching as far as the eye can see towards the sea and the mountains. Disputed and assaulted, the scene of subsequent transformations, it was home to numerous families, from the Lords of Buttrio to the Morpurgo, until it became property of Alessandra Felluga.

Today Castello di Buttrio is a winery founded on excellence with the utmost respect for the territory and its authenticity. This borderland preserves everything it witnessed, from being a battlefield during both WWI and WWII, to becoming part of the old Mitteleuropa region afterwards, always cherishing the tradition but down to embrace new cultures and populations.

Q: The Castello di Buttrio primarily makes Friulian wine. What is unique about that variety of wine? How does it compare to wine from other regions of Italy?

A: The varieties express their full potential, through the land that makes them grow, thanks to a perfect balance between the climate, exposure, and soil. The ponca, or flysch, is a special parent rock typical of this area, a sedimentary formation consisting of repeated layers of generally marly limestone and sandstone deposited by water flow in the Eocene period. Each harvest time, the grapes are carefully picked in order to enhance their uniqueness, comprised of exposure, altitude, and the age of the vine.

To make it easier, as our Mom Alessandra Felluga always says:

Wine is tradition and innovation at the same time; one must be honest about the fruit and respect, by exalting it, the substance of the setting. To me, these are the fundamental conditions for high-quality and unique wine-making.” 


le sur luxury house slippers from Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Q: Right now, we are in the midst of a period where many people must stay home. How can we inject a bit more comfort, style, and elegance into our at-home routines and rituals?

A: Enjoying a glass of wine while playing chess in front of the fireplace, a nice wool blanket, and needless to say, Le Sûr luxury house slippers on your feet!

Q: The “Friuliane” luxury house slippers that Le Sûr makes are also unique to the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. What’s their origin story and what makes them unique?

A: The tradition linked to the production of Friulane has its roots in a time when every scrap of fabric and material, even the poorest, was precious, hence each one of them were to be recycled and re-invented into something new.

Women were those who were able to make shoes for the whole family with a few scraps of fabric and strings. The typical Friulane shoes as we know it were good to wear in every season—made out of different materials, there were several variations. Velvet to keep the feet warm in winter, or cotton to preserve them from the scorching temperatures of the summer time.

They were the shoes of the party, the ones worn by the brides on their wedding day, but also the most resistant ones thanks to their soles and affordable to all due the way they were made.

Q: Lately I have realized that comfort and simplicity are both very important to me. For example: I rarely wear leather-soled shoes anymore because they can be harder on the feet and I love anything without laces (easier to put on and take off). Why are Friuliane luxury house slippers perfect for at-home or light outdoor activity? 

A: Because they’re elegant and chic, but also beyond comfortable. The comfort of a slipper, with the elegance of a real loafer. 

Q: What are some outfit suggestions to wear with Friuliane slippers? What are some good go-to looks for luxurious elegance at home? 

A: They’re the stylish alternative to your home slippers, the perfect final touch to a formal dress, or to your day-to-day outfit. Ideal for a wedding, for an office attire or for a day at the beach… literally perfect for any occasions—you name it!

Q: They only come in whole sizes (not half). If someone is between sizes, is it best to size up or down?

A: They fit true to size but we suggest to get half a size bigger if you are in between. See more details about Italian footwear sizing.

Q: What other products does Le Sûr produce? Tell us about them.

A: Home fragrances are a must-have from Le Sur. Olfactory memory is one of the key elements of our daily life. A single sprinkle can bring back your sweetest childhood memories, from the sound of the fireplace, the smell of the wood, to the peace of the countryside and the heartwarming feeling of home. 

friulian wine at castello di buttrio in Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Q: One big lesson I learned living in Italy was that the everyday can be special—through rituals, fresh food, fine espresso and wine. And of course, beautiful objects and apparel. Why is Italy such a rich source of high-quality products?

A: Tradition is key to the Italian culture. Families hand over their most deep-rooted costumes and traditions to the next generation from time immemorial, creating an indissoluble bond between past and future. Family is undoubtedly the strongest value of them all for us Italians: dining together and passing on old family clothes are proper rituals for our people. 

Q: As an insider, what are your spots in Friuli-Venezia Giulia to eat, take aperitivo, and shop? Favorite bars? Best historical/touristic spots to see? Are there any places you would suggest our readers not miss if they visit (when we can travel more freely again)?

A: Needless to mention, the first stop must be Castello di Buttrio to indulge yourself with a wine tasting in our cellars, a tour of our vineyards and a bike ride across the hills surrounded by the most colorful sunsets. You can then spend the night in our Country House, right after a delicious and traditional meal at our Locanda, next door. 

Around the region you can stroll in Cividale, a beautiful historical UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Aquileia and Grado: the mother of Venice.
  • Trieste: one of the greatest Italian ports of all times—let yourself be enchanted by the view of Piazza Unità d’Italia and a delicious pied dans l’eau meal at the Dama Bianca in Duino.
  • Last but not least, Udine: our favourite spots in the city are Osteria al Cappello for a traditional aperitivo and Hostaria alla Tavernetta for a cozy dinner. 

Friuli is a region to discover, take a walk with Le Sûr!

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