Everything you need to know about Italian label Moorer clothing and Moorer jacket, including: why is Moorer so expensive?


I believe in the elegance of simplicity, eliminating the unessential, 

so I am satisfied only with excellence. 

My aspiration is offering the best, with simplicity and elegance.

Moreno Faccincani, founder of Moorer


Synonymous with exquisite craft, functionality, and sophistication, Moorer is the Italian brand known for its luxury jackets for men and women.


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Before we delve into the world of Moorer jackets and coats for men, let’s briefly touch on the history of the brand.

History of Moorer

Unlike other luxury outerwear brands such as Woolrich, Moorer is relatively young–it was founded in 2006 by Moreno Faccincani, in Verona, Italy. 

Originally from the town of Bussolengo, before establishing his own label Faccincani helped his parents run their small clothing company, Duelle. He quickly discovered his entrepreneurial flair, and in 1994 he founded Feyem, an outerwear label for women, shortly followed by another outerwear brand, Jan Mayen.

Never interested in trends and logo-heavy fashion but rather in timelessness, simplicity, and, above all, quality, in 2006 Faccincani created Moorer. The brand’s name is an anagram of Faccicani’s first name, Moreno, with the letter “n” substituted with “r”. 

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Today, Moorer remains a family-run company. Moorer clothing and outerwear are appreciated worldwide for their elegant design, premium quality materials, and exquisite details.

Moorer clothing: coats and jackets for men

Moorer offers a wide array of outerwear for men, from coats to bomber jackets to gilets. Each piece is technologically advanced, luxurious, and comfortable.

Faccincani has disclosed that he is heavily influenced by art and history—most Moorer pieces are named after a famous artist, historical figure, or art piece, such as the Strauss down jacket, the Bernini jacket, and the Joyce bomber jacket.


moorer men's jacket


One of our favorite Moorer clothing pieces is the Manolo jacket. This Moorer men’s jacket will keep you warm and dry without weighing you down, as it’s made from SHAPE MEMORY PES fabric with double water-repellent dyeing.

We also love the Barbieri parka, which features a goose feather padding, a quilted outer shell, and a detachable hood embellished with a fur trim, and the Calaf quilted gilet, an ultra-lightweight vest padded with goose feather.

While down is the beating heart of Moorer, for spring and summer you will also find classic denim jackets and leather jackets. And with the Mondor jacket, you can have the best of both worlds—this denim jacket features goose-down filled quilted parts to keep you warm on chilly spring and summer nights.


moorer clothing

Moorer Chart Size

Moorer Size Chart

Why is Moorer clothing so expensive?

It’s no secret the Moorer is a pricey label, with outerwear ranging from $500 to $6000. So, why is Moorer so expensive?

Moorer clothing is 100% made in Italy. The company is based in Castelnuovo del Garda, near Verona, and the entire manufacturing cycle is exclusively carried out in Italy. Every piece is made by skilled craftsmen with utmost attention to detail—buttons, zips, and labels are processed and polished one by one.

Moorer only uses the best materials available on the market. Padded jackets are made of Siberian goose down, which is treated and processed in Italy. Because of the harsh climate, Siberian geese develop extremely soft and light feathers, making for the best padding material out there.


moorer clothing


Denim is sourced from America, Cameroon and Australia, where cotton has a longer fiber, (over 30 mm): this allows for greater resistance to wear and to washing.

Finally, Moorer jackets down jackets are thermally insulated and waterproof. Every jacket features a label which indicates the thermal insulation category (A, B, C, D, or E) and the level of water resistance. 

So, consider Moorer clothing as an investment—these high-quality jackets and coats will stand the test of time, and never go out of style.

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