We reached out to Silted, also known as The Silted Company, the Italian menswear label influenced by surf culture, to ask a few questions.

Surfing probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Italy. But Italian surf culture is very much alive, as proven by The Silted Company, the Italian clothing label that draws inspiration from the surfing world.

Relaxed fits, natural fabrics, playful prints, and a coastal color palette…everything about Silted screams “effortlessly cool”. Whether you’re catching waves or dressing casual, the brand is dedicated to comfort and functionality.

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We reached out to Silted to find out more about the brand’s history, its influences, and the importance of textile research.

shop heron preston on italistWhat’s the story behind Silted? Tell us about how the brand came to be, and what the name means.

Silted—a.k.a. The Silted Company—was founded in 2016, in the Romagna region of Italy, by two friends, Nicola and Riccardo. Barely twenty, they shared a passion for surf and for fashion. Their goal back then was to create effortless, “easy-to-wear” clothes for their friends, featuring references to the surfing world. They wanted their pieces to be casual, comfortable, and suitable for everyone, both men and women. 

The name “The Silted Company” recalls the sea and sand elements that inspire our work and that are present in every collection. Since the very beginning Silted wants to be a collective of artists, creatives, photographers who share a love for surf and who can use our social channels to express their vision and creativity.

the silted company at italist

Although rooted in surf culture, Silted is based in Italy, in Emilia Romagna. What influence do Italy and Italian culture have on your creations?

The main inspiration for Silted, season after season, remains surf culture–elements such as water, nature, and the sea are key for us, as you can see from the prints as well as the color palette of our collections.

Still, Italy influences our production process, and the sartorial direction the brand is taking. Every piece is entirely made in Italy ethically and sustainably. To us this is an expression of love towards our culture and our country.

How would you describe Silted in three words?

Free, fresh, effortless.

Walk us through your creative process. How is a Silted piece born?

Textile research for us is the starting point of every collection. We spend a lot of time finding materials that truly represent us, and we then embellish them with unique details.

Every collection embodies a different side of the surfing world–the sea, the sunset, waves. We draw inspiration from California, Australia, the Canary Islands…from all the paradises of the world where nature can still express itself in its grandiosity.

the silted company at italist

the silted company at italist

Which materials do you primarily use? And how do you select them?

We try as much as possible to use natural fabrics that have a low environmental impact. Textile research is one of the most important steps in the creation of our collections. We deeply care about quality, in terms of fabrics and in terms of the manufacturing process.

Our customers always give us positive feedback on the comfort and durability of our pieces.

Tell us about your SS22 collection. What are the most iconic pieces from this collection, and why?

One of the most iconic pieces from the SS22 collection is definitely the Amando Shirt, a summer must-have, perfect for everyday wear, and available in different fabrics. Then there’s the Crochet Long Sleeve, a crocheted shirt, one of the most loved pieces from this collection, especially by fashionistas. And finally the Desillusion Pants–comfortable wide-leg pants made from 100% cotton and featuring a frayed hem.

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Are there any fit or sizing considerations that shoppers should keep in mind with Silted?

We like to describe our pieces as “easy-to-wear”. They’re comfortable, the fit is relaxed, at times oversized. We’ve always wanted to create comfortable and functional clothing, perfect for any moment of the day–clothes that any surfer would like to wear.

And finally—where do you see Silted in the future?

Our ultimate goal is to keep bettering ourselves. We want to keep researching and experimenting with eco-friendly fabrics and raw materials, while always staying true to our style. In terms of collections, this is our main goal–to become more and more sustainable.

On a different note, we would also like to expand our collective of artists, photographers and creatives that support Silted through their work and that can express their creativity and vision through our social channels.

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