Where is Gucci made and where is Gucci cheapest in the world?

Are you already part of the Gucci gang, or do you desperately wish you were? It seems like there’s no in-between. Its products have been extremely popular lately, and not only with celebrities! Loved by millennials, with Gen Z following suit, they’re a bold and trendy statement piece that can elevate any outfit.

So what does Gucci mean, and when was it born? 

where is gucci cheapest in the world

History of Gucci

The Italian fashion house is named after its founder, Guccio Gucci. In 1912, Guccio opened a shop in Florence, where he sold leather travel goods. In 1937, he launched his line of handbags, featuring the iconic web stripe and double G monogram (which stands for the founder’s initials). 

After opening stores in Palm Beach and Beverly Hills, the label was quickly endorsed by Hollywood stars, who loved the brand’s exotic and opulent designs. So, Gucci became then what it still is today–a status symbol.

The story of the Gucci family, specifically of Maurizio Gucci’s murder, is told in Ridley Scott’s 2021 movie “House of Gucci”, with Adam Driver playing Maurizio and Lady Gaga playing his wife, Patrizia Gucci.

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In 2015, Italian designer Alessandro Michele was appointed Creative Director of Gucci. Michele had joined Gucci in 2002 under Tom Ford, and had become associate designer to Frida Giannini in 2011.

Michele transformed the brand, introducing androgynous silhouettes and baroque details, feminizing menswear, reintroducing classics such as the iconic double-G logo, and reviving the label’s beauty collection.

Michele’s Gucci is bold, colorful, romantic, and innovative. The label, Michele said, is “an infant that is constantly reborn and recreated”.

Where is Gucci made?

The brand prides itself on being 100% made in Italy. Check your pieces—we’d be surprised if any of them aren’t made in Italy.

All Gucci products are manufactured in Prato, a town just outside of Florence, where the brand’s headquarters are located. Prato is renowned for its industrial district and specializes in luxury leather goods.

where is gucci made

There is one exception: timepieces. Since the creation of the first iconic models in 1972, its watches have been manufactured in Switzerland, at the company’s atelier in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Fun fact: Gucci was the first fashion label to branch into watchmaking. Combining Swiss manufacturing and Italian flair, the watches quickly gained popularity, and are synonymous with elegance and quality.

where is gucci made - timepieces watches

Why is Gucci so expensive?

There’s no denying it—we would all love to be part of the Gucci gang, but not everyone can afford it. After all, it’s is the fourth most valuable luxury brand worldwide as of 2020, and the most valuable Italian brand. But where is Gucci cheapest in the world and what is the cheapest Gucci item you can buy? Read on.

Gucci belts

Gucci belts are some of the best-priced products from the brand. Women’s belts range from $250 for the classy Jackie thin GG belt, to $1200 for the GG Marmont caiman belt. The Marmont logo (two Gs facing the same way), seen on some of the most popular belts and bags, was first used in the 1970s and reintroduced by creative director Alessandro Michele, who relaunched the brand in 2015 with his maximalist eclectic aesthetic.

how much is a gucci belt

Gucci bags

Gucci bags range from $720 for the Ophidia GG mini bag, to $34000 for the Sylvie crocodile top handle bag, a feminine handbag crafted in soft red crocodile leather. Our favorite design? The Marmont shoulder bag, which you can easily pair with any outfit, and will turn heads everywhere you go.

where is gucci cheapest in the world

Gucci shoes 

Especially popular of late, its slide sandals deserve an honorable mention. These shoes gained popularity a few years ago, and are still a summer must-have. They have been spotted on the feet of countless celebrities, from Gigi Hadid to Hailey Bieber. But don’t let yourself be fooled by the term “slides” – the classic Interlocking G slides retail for $350, while the GG Matalassé Canvas Espadrille slides are $520.

why is gucci so expensive

Because of these sky-high prices, the label has become synonymous with exclusivity, sophistication, and wealth.

Here’s why is Gucci so expensive…

  • It’s committed to sourcing and using only the finest materials, which make its products extremely durable.
  • Every product is handcrafted in Italy or Switzerland, where factory workers make a fair, livable wage, with meticulous attention to detail. The bamboo handbag, one of the brand’s most iconic designs, requires 140 pieces and 13 hours to assemble. Bags also undergo strict quality controls to ensure they are perfectly identical. 
  • The house boasts prestigious designers: current creative director Alessandro Michele is considered one of the most influential designers in the world.
  • It’s been focusing on reducing its footprint across the supply chain by investing in technologies that will generate less waste and increasing the use of sustainable materials.

where is gucci cheapest in the world

Where is Gucci cheapest in the world?

If you want to save up to 40%, shop in Italy at the brand’s own boutiques or at one of the numerous independent multi-brand luxury boutiques that are common even in some of Italy’s smallest towns and villages. So where is Gucci cheapest in the world? It’s Italy.


Prices in Italy tend to be lower, even with currency exchange rates, because there are no importer or distributor costs like there often are in other countries, and the price of doing business is lower.

Not planning on flying to Italy anytime soon? 

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