Multi-talented Italian designers Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordoni are known for their impeccable street style, each with their own vastly distinctive aesthetic. But regardless of their contrasting personalities and styles, these women have learned to take advantage of their differences and make it work for them with an intense level of chemistry. The result? Attico. A fashion brand that pushes the boundaries of specialty couture. 

“We have different personalities, we like different things and our styles are very different, nothing fits, but we fit in.” –Giorgia Tordini



A modern approach on boudoir dressing, the Attico collection includes velvet robes, silk kimonos, and other lingerie-tinged separates that have already been considered one of the most sought-out among fashion week goers.



Attico launched their first collection on February 2016

Attico thrives in reinventing the idea of opulence, drawing its lush fabrics, rich color patterns and embellishments from vintage furniture and interior design pieces. In addition, Attico dresses are bold and elegant in chromatic terms. The designers constantly challenge themselves to approach their designs with a mindset of being free and fearless. 



Ambrosio and Tordoni shared in a close-up interview with Vogue Spain how it all started: The two were in a taxi cab in New York for Fashion Week just chatting and then brainstorming about the things they like. On the next day, they found themselves doing sketches.

“Attico – a perfectly controlled blend of Old Hollywood glamor , Italian exuberance and classic elegance – has become one of the most sought-after brands in the world: because it’s made from the emotion, freshness and spontaneity , like the things that touch our hearts.” –Vogue Spain

The very soul of ATTICO– two fearless women– reminds us that our differences make us who we are. And when two people embrace and combine their uniqueness, magnificent and awe-inspiring things happen– like Gilda and Giorgia creating one of the coolest fashion brands in the world.


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