A bags-and-belts brand championing “Made in Italy”, Felisi originated in 1973 as a small workshop in Ferrara. The brand designs and creates stand-out quality leather goods crafted by talented artisans. One of its highly popular collections are Felisi Bags for Men. The bag is designed to be the ideal size for a busy gentleman to accommodate as much as possible when in use, and appear minimal when not. Felisi bags for men are comprised of a light, unstructured body cut from a strong, high performance nylon fabric, and premium leather accents.


felisi bags for men 02



A combination of modern materials and shaped by contemporary trends, Felisi bags are crafted by artisan hands with a style that is born of a long Italian tradition. Each Felisi item is unique and numbered so as to allow the firm to trace the type, model and year of production.


The materials used are from a small selection of well-established suppliers with a passion for their craft. The parts are exclusively designed and shaped by hand for Felisi.


Felisi Bags for Men at italist:

b80cc8b4be7fad8c12e83f4e84201031Felisi Bag in blue


Felisi Bag in black and brown leather


Felisi Bag in black


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