Gedebe accessories are widely coveted and always 100% made in Italy

The Gedebe Label

Gedebe is a sophisticated union of traditional Italian craftsmanship, mixing crystals, stones, stud embellishments, exotic leathers and luxurious embroidery to create one of a kind pieces.

The range consists of unique handbags, shoes and accessories and has been praised by Pitti Immagine as a true standout, earning it a lot of fanfare from top buyers and the press. Designer, Gedebe’s harmonious mix of fine leathers, crystals and embroidery has given the label a strong identity that’s always elegant and never excessive.

Meet the Gedebe Designer

gebede designer, Giuseppe Della Badia

Naples born Giuseppe Della Badia created the Gebebe brand when he was just 28 years old. Prior to this, he graduated law school, however from a young age, had always had a passion for craftsmanship. Early on, he discovered his love of combining traditional leather workmanship with the artistry of embellishment and embroidery.

“I completed my law studies, but while at university I used to work in sales for a haute couture clothing label on the weekend. I then earned a Master’s degree in fashion marketing at Milan’s Accademia del Lusso and realized that my desire for craftsmanship could be fulfilled only by fashion.” – Giuseppe Della Badia

shop heron preston on italistGiuseppe got his start by embroidering denim bottoms and tops for his friends and then, almost by accident, he started making leather bracelets – the pieces that ultimately catapulted his career.

He accelerated his pace and began rapidly selling his creations and was determined  to be part of the Massimo Bonini showroom; a worldwide company in the wholesaling of luxury shoes and accessories.

Of course he landed the partnership with the showroom and it was through that relationship that helped him get Gedebe into over 200 boutiques worldwide.

Massimo Bonini Showroom

massimo bonini gedebe showroom, massimo bonini gedebe milan, massimo bonini gedebe new york

Massimo Bonini has a reputation for spotting the next big thing in shoes and accessories and taking a label from zero to worldwide distribution. Their unique business model provides showroom, retail and public relations support and with nearly thirty years of experience and extensive market knowledge, the company’s success has grown on a global level.

Over the years, brands that have benefited from their incubation include all “Made in Italy” labels such as Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Versace, Stella McCartney, MSGM, Giambattista Valli and of course, Gedebe.

The Massimo Bonini Showroom now distributes 40 mens and womens brands and operates internationally in more than 85 countries from its offices located in Milan, NYC and newly opened Hong Kong.

Gedebe Spring / Summer 2016 Collection

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gedebe, gedebe clutch, italian leather, evening bag

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Who’s Wearing Gedebe

Gedebe, Gedebe Celebrities, chiara gedebe, notjessfashion gedebe, gedebe coachella

Jessica of NotJessFashion, Chiara Ferragni and Julia Daoud of Simply Jules all in Gedebe.

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