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Meet Guillermo Tragant…

Italist customer and the Dallas-based principal and creative director of Richards/Lerma, as well as the founder and creative director of Furia World in Buenos Aires. Guillermo is a world traveller and splits his time overseeing creative teams in Dallas, Mexico City and Buenos Aires.

In our first installment of our Style Guide Series, #ItalistDoesitBetter, Guillermo shares his must-have Italist pieces, as well as travel tips, for the two cities he calls home:

Dallas, Texas and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Meet Guille, or to many, “the creative retail savant” …

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Describe your style…

I would say I have an elegant but fun style. I love clothes. People underestimate the power of communication that clothes have. I like to mix high and lows, designers and vintage finds, classic fabrics and bold colors. I always go for quality and timeless pieces, and I get new pieces all the time. Because I am a creative person but am also a businessman, I like to have a balance between fun formal. I normally think of what events I have throughout the day and dress accordingly. And, I would rather be overdressed. I will always pick a jacket and a good pair of shoes and then build from that. And, I use accessories like ties, pocket squares and hats to dress up or down.

What are your favorite go-to fashion pieces?

My favorite go-to fashion pieces are my beat up vintage 501 jeans, a white shirt with a blazer and good pair of shoes.

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What trends are you seeing in your city?

I think individuality is what is trending right now.
It’s all about being yourself and expressing your own style.
It’s also a time to be bold and fun.
Being original is key.

Why do you love Italist?

Italist is one of my favorite online destinations for Italian labels. They have the biggest selection that you cannot find with other websites. I shop online a lot because it’s very convenient. Since I don’t have much time to go shopping in-store, online shopping just makes sense.

What Italist piece can you not live without?

My favorite Italist piece is a classic fedora hat from Gucci with the classic GG monogram.

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Where’s your favorite place to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner in your city?

I spend my time between Texas and Buenos Aires, When I’m in Dallas I love Taverna and Toulouse they are my go-to for Italian and French on the weekend with my family or for quick business lunch during the week. I love them because they are dog friendly so my daughters can also take our dogs. I also like Café Victoria and this Mexican restaurant called La Duni which has a special dessert called “cuatro leches” which is ridiculous. My go-to places in Argentina are Sucre from Fernando Trocca and Patagonia Sur from celebrity chef, Francis Mallman.

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Laura O. in Buenos Aires

What’s your favorite design/furniture/etc store in your city?

In Dallas I love Nest for modern and Restoration Hardware for heritage looking pieces. In Buenos Aires my go-to place for deco is Laura Orcoyen. – she has impeccable taste. I also buy a lot of vintage items on my trips like textiles and Japanese indigo blankets and I collect art from young artists around the world.

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