With a great new vision under creative director Alessandro Michele, Gucci thrives as a vivid expression of the core of luxury fashion. Gucci products symbolizes the peak of Italian artistry and transcends as one of the best for their craftsmanship and excellence.

Where to buy Gucci Belt for the Best Price?

Italist is the only platform to offer direct-to-consumer imports from Italy’s finest retailers. This means customers can purchase brand-new, genuine, in-season fashion and luxury accessories at Italian retail price—up to 30% less than average market price—as if they’d flown to Italy and visited the stores in person.

Here’s a price comparison between Italist and one of the top luxury retailers in the U.S.:

You won’t find a better price on Gucci Belt in NYC, Chicago, LA or any of the major US import cities. The only way to shop for Gucci in the US without the import markup is to order through Italist.  

This is the same Gucci Belt from the same season—same fabrics, same length, same styles—and both totals include tax and shipping. When you compare the amounts above, the best price is clear. That savings are more than you could expect from most Gucci sales in a retail store.

Where are Gucci Belts Made?

Founded by Guccio Gucci in 19th century, Gucci proudly remains in Florence, Italy– a city renowned for skilled artisans and high-quality materials. Since Gucci started as a high-end leather goods company, the level of skill and artistry making leather products with classic styling remains a distinctive character in Gucci belts and other Gucci products.

How Alessandro Michele Created the Best-Priced Gucci Belt

Since working as a creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele has been revered as one of the best designers in the world. Michele reintroduced the Double-G Marmont Logo which is seen in Gucci belts, making it a classic and the most wanted accessory staple. 

How do Gucci Belts Fit? Finding the Right size Gucci Belt

Different countries use different standards for size measurements, so please refer to our international size conversion chart. If you’re unsure about your measurements, we recommend visiting a nearby boutique or luxury retailer to get a sense of your size. Once you know your size, we’re confident you’ll find the best value and the largest selection on Italist.

Does Italist sell Authentic Gucci Belts?

All products on Italist are genuine and brand-new. Our entire selection is currently available in luxury retail locations across Italy. Products are sourced and curated by our Italian partner boutiques, and we have an extensive vetting process to ensure that we only offer genuine luxury items.

How does Italist offer Luxury Goods at a lower Price?

When you make a purchase through Italist, you are directly importing Gucci goods from our partner boutiques and luxury retailers in Italy. The same high-quality products are available at a lower retail price in Italy (up to 30% less than average market price), so insiders on our website get Gucci products at the best price for in-season fashion and luxury accessories.

Why buy Gucci Online with Italist?

Italist gives customers access to more than 1,000 international luxury brands and 200,000 items across Italy. Not only does Italist have the largest selection but also offers the best value for the same authentic fashion and accessories carried by other luxury retailers.


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