When fall rolls around, weather gets a bit chilly, especially at night. With the shorter days and lower temps, women tend to push all their skirts deep inside their closets, never to be seen until warmer days come along.

how to wear skirts in fall



shop heron preston on italistHow to Wear Skirts in Fall

But don’t give up on the faithful skirt just yet! We’re here to show you how skirts can be worn even in Autumn. In fact, thanks to the magic of layering, you get to do lot more with your outfit than you would in summertime.

Here are a few more ideas about how to wear skirts during fall:

Idea # 1: At the beginning of the fall season, it’s not yet too chilly during the daytime so now is a good time to start experimenting with transitioning summery styles. Like this brightly patterned Kenzo skirt.

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In order to keep warm, ditch the sandals and ballet flats for stylish boots–or even cozy Uggs for an aprés-ski look. These boots will keep your feet warm and protected, and your outfit seasonally appropriate. (Don’t be a fashion victim!)

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Naturally as we get deeper into the season, a long coat will be just the thing to make this outfit practical for cold weather. While basic black is always fantastic, try a brightly colored or patterned option for a little more flair.

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Idea # 2: This outfit idea is for those chilly days of fall.  The trick here is to wear a skirt made out of thick material. A black leather skirt is a great choice, so go for that.

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The smartest way to wear skirts during fall is to pair them with a nice pair of leggings. Black leggings are even warmer than tights, and will keep your legs toasty-warm.

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Make your footwear the spotlight and go for a chic pair of heeled booties.

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Follow these tips and you won’t end up thinking that you made a mistake by wearing a skirt during fall time. Done right and you can weatherize your skirts so that you’re comfortable and chic all year long.

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