Street Style: Best Backpack Outfits

Much like “fetch” we’ve been trying to make backpacks happen since Clueless.  Fall-Winter 2015 could be its time.  According to those who watch street styles it appears that backpacks are back, and maybe even cuter than ever. Here is our guide to rocking the best backpack outfits, inspired by street style.

Bad Gurl Backpack

Street Style: Best Backpack Outfits


The military jacket style trend is back, as well, it seems.  That’s good because I love it.  The Derek Lam paired with the Rag & Bone jeans are just way hot together.  Throw in a long, gauzy Brunello Cucinelli shirt and those Prada Leather sport boots and you have a great starting look.  But what I love, really adore is that Alexander Wang backpack.  I mean from the animal print to the “fetch” red leather handle it is ev-er-y-thing.


Catwoman Daytime Realness

Street Style: Best Backpack Outfits


I always wondered about what Selena Kyle wore to work.  I believe it would look something like this outfit: sassy and sexy.  Let’s start with my favorite earrings by Emporio Armani—who doesn’t love cat earrings?  I love that they’re black, have a bit of dangle.  Love them.  The Dolce Gabbana skirt is really interesting with this ensemble.  Yes, I meant interesting.  It’s a little leather, a little lace—just a great piece.  I also like the sassy black shoes.  The jacket, well, it has that asymmetric cut that’s so popular but it’s also got some unique texture.  Lanvin hit it out of the ballpark with this one.  Lastly, this Alexander Wang backpack. Cobalt blue is one of my absolute favorite colors and I think it adds so much pop to this outfit.  I really do.  Not only that but I think Cher would approve.



I was trying to figure out what this outfit reminds me of and I realized –go with me on this one—that it looks like one of Michael Alig’s Gautier outfits from the 90’s on Winona Ryder’s “Veronica”. It’s very tough, eclectic, retro and chic.  Let’s pick it apart!  The Iceberg bomber jacket isn’t leather, its denim.  I like when I see something ordinary made unusual.  I also like that they paired it with this shimmery metallic blue Kenzo skirt.  When you complete that with the Gucci short leather boots you have something very 90’s and yet modern.  Tuck in a Valentino wallet in that bright blue and the crazy camo backpack and you have an outfit that is so perfectly cynical that it could never be worn by a “Heather” only a Veronica.

I have to say I’m loving backpacks this season and all of these need to be in my wardrobe now.

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