lamborghini clothes

Automobili Lamborghini—luxury cars and fashion

Here’s everything you need to know about Automobili Lamborghini clothes and Lamborghini apparel We’re all familiar with Lamborghini, the legendary Italian automotive manufacturer with a charging bull as its logo. What you…

department 5 at italist

Vintage aesthetic and innovation: a Q&A with Department Five

Workwear, military functionality, and rock’n’roll—this is Department Five Anything from Department Five will make you look effortlessly cool. The Italian brand blends innovation and vintage influences in its collections, reinterpreting iconic styles…

who is thom browne

Who is Thom Browne?

With his shrunken suits, Thom Browne has revolutionized the concept of uniform, and modernized formal menswear. Who is Thom Browne and is Thom Browne worth it ? We investigate Since 2004, Thom…

how does stone island fit

How does Stone Island Fit?

Sport-luxury pioneer and fabric innovator, Stone Island is synonymous with research and innovation. Learn about Stone Island’s high-tech fabrics, how to care for Stone Island garments and badges, how does Stone Island…

ripa ripa

Ripa Ripa: Quintessentially Italian swimwear

Inspired by the aesthetics of the Italian 1960s, Ripa Ripa redefines men’s swimwear with elegant swim shorts that combine innovation and traditional craftsmanship If you’re tired of swimwear that lasts you a…

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In the Neapolitan Tradition: Sartorio Napoli

With more than 700 years of history, Neapolitan tailoring is known and celebrated worldwide—but is it applicable to modern life? Sartorio Napoli has an answer We reached out to Sartorio Napoli, an…

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Fresh Catch: Peninsula Swimwear

Peninsula Swimwear is the embodiment of seaside Italian summers Edoardo Pasolini’s dream is to be at one with the Mediterranean sea, and to look good doing it. That’s why he started Peninsula…

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Discoveries from Italy: a Q&A with Kiton

Kiton suits aren’t new, but the Neapolitan tailoring label exists in a rarified space for the best handmade clothing and accessories The name Kiton is synonymous with luxury, but it’s first and…

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All About Dress Shirts with Eddy Monetti

Eddy Monetti has been in continuous operation for more than 130 years, tailoring men’s clothing by the Neapolitan tradition.