Peninsula Swimwear is the embodiment of seaside Italian summers

Edoardo Pasolini’s dream is to be at one with the Mediterranean sea, and to look good doing it. That’s why he started Peninsula Swimwear, a modern men’s swimwear brand with sustainability at its core.

We reached him to discuss just why the Italian seaside is so special…

The nature of the Maremma coast, the Monte Argentario promontory, and the Capalbio coast makes me feel alive. I can smell the scent of oleanders and rosemary in bloom, I can see the light of the warm sun shining and the reflections of salt on the golden skin of my friends.

Summer and Sustainability

Peninsula Swimwear honors the brilliance of the sea, and Italy’s unique relationship with it. Tell us more about how Peninsula Swimwear came to be.

Peninsula was born out of the unique passion that unites us to the sea. I have always been attracted to that beauty to the majolica of Positano where my small feet walked.

We started from the sun and the Italian summer—to make a product that speaks of the magic of summer.

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We love Peninsula’s emphasis on sustainable materials. Why are sustainable materials and practices a key focal point of the brand?

The sea is life, it’s strength, it’s energy: the sea is our passion and, as such, we respect and protect it. The beauty of the sea must be protected: it is a precious gift that occupies 70% of our planet, playing a fundamental role in the survival of human beings and animals. All of our swimsuits are made from recycled plastic. Everything we print is printed with sustainable printers.

The Peninsula Italian swimwear collection is inspired by the sea and that is why each garment has the name of a beach on an Italian island because it’s design is inspired by that special spot on the water.

What materials do you primarily use?

A: We use 90% sustainable materials we do not use plastics unless they are recycled plastics. And our linens are natural linens treated in a natural way.

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Why Peninsula Swimwear is Special

What makes Peninsula swimwear and apparel special? Give us some details that we may not know.

Our patterns are hand drawn in-house and are inspired by majolica—a special type of pottery native to the territories along the Mediterranean Sea.

This pottery is iconic due to its tin-glaze process, which results in an opaque white glazed surface decorated with brush-painting in bright enamel colors like red, yellow, green, and blue.

I once spent a day on the waters off of Liguria—Genoa and Portofino—and it was one of the most magical experiences I’ve ever had on the water. The colors, the smells, the views. Why is the Italian coast so special?

I have loved the sea since I was a child. The Maremma coast, the Monte Argentario promontory, and the Capalbio coast are the places where I grew up and have always been enamored with. They are wonderful, wild places…places with a unique energy, difficult to explain because you can only love it.

Here nature makes me feel alive. I can smell the scent of oleanders and rosemary in bloom, I can see the light of the warm sun shining and the reflections of the salt on the golden skin. I imagine lips wet by the sea, stolen kisses and laughter among friends.

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And then the boat trips to the island of Giglio, when the colors of the sunset blend with the blue of the sea illuminating the profile of Montecristo. The parties on the beach or in the old towers, the light of the bonfires while dancing embraced by the sound of the waves covering the music. This is Maremma. My Maremma.

That nature that makes you feel alive. That timeless elegance made of essentiality and sensuality. That unique land where time fades away and only magic remains. The Maremma speaks of Italy as a whole.

And this is where I wanted to create Peninsula, a perfect vision of italian swimwear. Here I wanted to start a journey to tell the beauty and sensuality of all our enchanted peninsula (Italy).

Travel Tips for the Italian Seaside

What is an underrated (or lesser-known) seaside spot in Italy that you would recommend?

There are two places that I find magical and beautiful where I really feel at one with nature:

Capalbio la Maremma. The nature of the Maremma is still wild and something unique with the Argentario next to it with its unique days on a boat.

And, the north of Sardinia in front of the Island of Spargi. There are small uncontaminated beaches with a unique and magical sea.

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Tourists have come to Italy for years to discover new (and old) names in luxury fashion accessories. Why do you think Italians are so good at design and fabrication?

There is an old saying that Italy is a land of saints and navigators. Historically, Italy has always had very creative people and cultures that have had a huge outlet in art.

Just think of the Italian artistic heritage. And I think that this combined with the beauty of our land makes people like beauty and therefore create beauty.

As an insider, what are your favorite spots in Naples to eat, take aperitivo, and shop?

When I go to Naples I always do a typical  “food tour”. As you surely know, Naples is known for its culinary delights. First step: sfogliatelle in Plebiscito Square, then a pizza in margherita “Da Michele”.

I love walking into the corners of Naples. During the sunset I always to have an aperitivo on the Carracciolo seafront. I recommend an aperitif at Nea: a modern art gallery in Piazza Bellini. The best shop is undoubtely NIKO, a former tailor who has started to open his own shops and and are very proud and of course and a huge supporter of ours. 

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Many thanks to Edoardo for speaking with us. Discover the entire Peninsula italian swimwear collection on italist.

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