Is airport fashion on your summer vacation to-do list?

The internet is bursting with articles predicting revenge shopping after the COVID-19 vaccine is more widely available and restrictions on gathering lift. Designers are also also putting a special focus on their 2021 summer collections, which feel freer and more celebratory.

With the positive outlook, 2021 may just be the year when everyone will take a summer vacation, just for the sake of it, and make sure they look good too. So what will you wear on your first post-pandemic trip? We have some airport fashion and ideas for summer outfit ideas.

Style Pieces for Summer Vacation 2021

Aside from airport fashion and what to wear in the city (more on that later), gorgeous beachwear is #hashtag #essential for those tropical, waterfront summer vacation escapes that beckon.

We bet you haven’t refreshed your swimwear lately. Antonella Rizza makes simple but beautiful women’s swimwear and beach coverups in colors inspired by the alluring colors of summer.

antonella rizza beachwear women's swimwear summer vacation

saint laurent nu pieds tribute flat sandals summer vacation

Pair with Saint Laurent’s Tribute flat sandals, which come in a multitude of colorways and materials. These flat versions of the brand’s famous Tribute platform sandals are the perfect go-to for an elevated but casual look when you’re in full vacation mode.

shop heron preston on italistRevenge Shopping: 2021 Fashion Trends To Sell Out

The most important part of any travel wardrobe is footwear. Not only what you like to normally wear and what you’ll be doing while on your trip, but in most cases: think shoes you can walk in comfortably.

Sneakers are a no-brainer, and Golden Goose sneakers are known for their superior all-day wearability. Read more about how Golden Goose are made and why they’re so expensive—though our designer sale has them well under retail!

golden goose super star sneakers airport fashion

crocs clogs slip ons classic bae

Crocs clogs and slip-ons are another all-day option, and one that is also all-weather. It’s ok if you get your Crocs wet, whereas leather shoes require more caution in the rain. Plus, you may get some wicket blisters wearing sandals around Rome…

Part of 2021 fashion trends, clogs and Crocs are popular, appearing on celebrities like Justin Beiber, and influencing the designs of respected luxury labels like Balenciaga.

If you’ve never considered them, now is the time.

luxury phone case prada au depart airport fashion

Also essential this summer: the luxe phone holder. While you’re horseback riding or strolling the local farmer’s market, keep your hands free but your phone close with chic high-tech accessories from Prada (that nylon is HOT) and Au Départ.

Ideas to Achieve Your Luxury Travel Outfit Goals in 2021

2021 Fashion Trends have centered on luxury loungewear and futuristic styles, but comfort may be the theme continues into 2022, especially as we begin to think more about the sort of airport fashion that allows us to travel stylishly and comfortably.

If you had to pick three types of shoes (and only three) to take on your trip: grab your sneakers, grab your sandals, and then consider a sort of hybrid: the espadrille. Tod’s makes lovely, ultra-luxe versions in white calfskin with interlocking trim.

summer vacation outfits airport fashion tod's espadrilles

summer vacation maison michel straw hats

If you’re planning a summer vacation to a sunny spot, we suggest a wide-brim straw hat to protect yourself from the sun. Maison Michel makes some of the best, and this season offers versions with and without straps, and in a variety of shades. Bonus: these hats double as shades for that poolside afternoon nap.

For the actual logistics of traveling, consider your luggage. Is it in good condition? Does it roll smoothy? Is it sturdy and secure?

FPM makes streamlined aluminum and polycarbonate hard-side rolling luggage and soft accessories by hand in Italy—all driven by the ethos of reliability, so you can just enjoy your trip. It doesn’t hurt that they look good too.

FPM luxury luggage airport fashion

FPM luxury luggage airport fashion

Wherever your post-pandemic adventures take you, we’re here to provide summer outfit ideas and make sure you look good while island-hopping.

Get going!

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