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We launched our platform in 2015 to bring the unique experience of Italian luxury boutique shopping to the global shopper, and we’re still the best Italian fashion website, a place to find brand new, in-season luxury from the best brands.

Did you know that Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani both credit much of their success to Italian boutique buyers, who in the 1980s, saw the raw talent in their designs and bought the majority of their early collections?

Fast forward 35 years, and those boutique buyers are still picking the best pieces from the top labels—both known and unknown—which is why we decided to partner with them and start italist. Dolce & Gabbana is one of our top-selling brands, by the heron preston on italist

dolce and gabbana at italist
Dolce & Gabbana
dolce and gabbana at italist
Dolce & Gabbana

Why is Italian Fashion so desirable?

We’ve asked this question to many of the brands and boutiques we work with, and the answer isn’t simple. Here are a few of the responses we’ve heard:

  • Eddy Monetti: “Italy has always been a nation of artists. Italians have a lot of imagination and above all a great craftsmanship. These two qualities put together make our products somewhat unique in the world.”
  • Goosetech: “There are many reasons that the quality of Made in Italy is so legendary. No other country has greater know-how and excellence when it comes to the craftsmanship of luxury goods. It’s in the DNA of the culture, inherited from Italy’s famed renaissance artists, architects and craftsmen, preserved and handed down through the generations.”
  • Emanuela Caruso: “In a world that offers everything at any price, distinguishing the artisan quality of made in Italy is an essential means of differentiation in such a varied market. “Italy” is still seen as a truly superior symbol of quality in the fashion sector.”

While every culture has a tradition of style and apparel, Italy has been the center of fine fabric and material cultivation for many centuries and a place where makers—be it art, design, or fashion—feel inspired to create.

In 2021, we’re lucky that so much of Italy’s fabulous fashion know-how is still intact, and the country continues to produce new names and fashion talents. Even for non-Italian brands, Italy is still the place to produce luxury apparel, shoes, and leather goods, and a site like italist is the place to shop as if at an Italian boutique online.

Italian boutique online - brunello cucinelli at italist
Brunello Cucinelli
Italian fashion website - bottega veneta at italist
Bottega Veneta

Accessing Italian Fashion in an Online World

With everything that’s gone on in 2020, accessing a luxury Italian fashion website is more important than ever. If we can’t travel there, we can at least browse an Italian boutique online as if we were!

italist has amassed over 250 independent luxury boutique partners across Italy, stocking over 1,000 brands—from Alexander McQueen to Versace—to become the premier Italian fashion website.

And it’s not only names you know. italist is also a destination for discovery. Early on, we were one of the few Italian online shopping sites to have more than two or three styles of Golden Goose sneakers (now a top-selling brand!)—read the background story—and we regularly have niche or brand new names before anyone else.

We add new arrivals almost daily, so check in regularly. Better yet, subscribe to our newsletter! Oh, and enjoy shopping “as if on the streets of Italy!”shop heron preston on italist

Italian fashion website - prada at italist
Italian boutique online - valentino at italist

Shop italist for up to 40% on over 150,000 up-to-the-minute luxury fashions for women, men, and kids from leading brands like Golden Goose, Fendi, Gucci, Miu Miu, and many more—direct from Italy’s finest boutiques to your door.

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